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The Foot Soldier Project for Civil Rights Studies
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Outreach: Programs


The Foot Soldier Project and its partners will make archival materials available for educational, scholarly, and research purposes through various outreach initiatives, including web-based learning resources, community educational forums, CD-ROM technology, thematic exhibits, and symposia.

UGA Book Talk

Dr. Maurice Daniels discusses his book, Horace T. Ward: Desegregation of the University of Georgia , Civil Rights Advocacy, and Jurisprudence at a lecture at the University of Georgia ’s Tate Student Center .

The “Unsung Foot Soldier” Oral History Series

No Other Road participants

No Other Road oral history program participants, November 2003.

This public program is a new oral history series sponsored by the Russell Library in association with the Foot Soldier Project that explores the vital contributions of the “unsung foot soldiers” to Georgia’s Civil Rights Movement. By presenting these civil rights veterans in a public forum, the Foot Soldier partners promote awareness of the project, provide educational opportunity to the academic and larger communities, create new research resources through program filming, and recognize those who have been overlooked in civil rights history. The inaugural program was November 2003 and recognized the 1953 Red & Black newspaper editors for their support of desegregation of higher education in Georgia.

No Other Road Program 11/2003

University of Georgia President Michael Adams commends 1953 Red and Black editors. No Other Road program, November 2003

Bill Shipp

No Other Road speaker and Red and Black staffer Bill Shipp


In order to make the FSP's scholarly products available to a broad range of audiences, the FSP arranges public screenings of its new films in a variety of settings and locations. FSP films have been screened at several venues on the University of Georgia campus, the Auburn Avenue Research Library on African American Culture and History, Morehouse College, Harvard University Civil Rights Institute, National Association of Black Social Workers Annual Convention, the Hamilton Earl Holmes Elementary School, and have been broadcast on Georgia Public Television and on the MBC Network.