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The Foot Soldier Project for Civil Rights Studies
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Outreach: Awards

The Foot Soldier for Equal Justice Award

Periodically the Foot Soldier Project bestows “The Foot Soldier for Equal Justice Award” in recognition of unsung persons who have made contributions to the cause of social and economic justice and equality. Past recipients include: The Honorable Horace T. Ward, Attorney Donald L. Hollowell, Dr. Hamilton Earl Holmes, Sr. (posthumously), Mary Frances Early, Archibald Killian, Alfred Killian, Chief Justice Robert Benham, Bill Shipp, Walter Lundy, Priscilla Arnold Davis, Reverend Gene Britain, Rev., Dr. Joseph E. Lowery and Mrs. Isabella Holmes.

1953 Red & Black editors

1953 Red & Black editors, recipients of FSP award 2003, at the Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies.

Derrick Aldrige & Walter Lundy Horace Ward

Left: Dr. Derrick Aldrige presents Walter Lundy, Red and Black editor, FSP award. Right: Judge Horace T. Ward at podium, Rev. Gene Britton & Priscilla A. Davis in the foreground, November 2003