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FSP Curriculum Guides: Hamilton Earl Holmes

Grades 4-8, Hamilton Earl Holmes: The Legacy Continues

Events in the Life of Hamilton Earl Holmes
Students will learn who Hamilton Earl Holmes was and the significance of his role in Black History, and will place events of his life in chronological order. After watching the documentary Hamilton Earl Holmes: The Legacy Continues, students will make a list events in Hamilton Earl Holmes’ life.

Primary Learning Outcomes (Teachers’ Questions for Students)
Who was Hamilton Earl Holmes? What are some facts about Hamilton Earl Holmes’ life? What can we learn from Hamilton Earl Holmes?

Additional Learning Outcomes (Teachers’ Questions for Students)
Can you actively and properly participate in class discussions and activities? What would you have done if you were Hamilton Earl Holmes? How do the events of his life fit in with the Civil Rights Movement? What was Plessy vs. Ferguson (1896)? What was Brown vs. the Board of Education, Topeka, KS (1954)? What was the Montgomery Bus Boycott (1955)?

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